10 – 20 Players – £35 Per Person, Choice of 2 activities
20+ Players – £32 Per Person, Choice of 2 activities

If you are booking for a work night out, a birthday, a family reunion or just happen to be very popular then this is the deal for you. We have 4 activities listed below each deal will allow every player to take part in 2 activities. Each activity holds different amount of players please see below.

Axe Hurling – upto 40 players (Glasgow & Dundee)
Escape Rooms Scotland – upto 14 players (Glasgow) / Upto 24 players (Dundee)
Vr Escape games – Upto 10 players (Glasgow)
Rage Rage – upto 12 Players (Glasgow)
Please note that both venues in Dundee are a 10 minute walk away from each other.

Example Booking – 36 players, 10am- 18 players visit Axe Hurling, 10 players visit Escape Rooms Scotland and 8 visit Rage room. activities last approximately 1/1.5 hours. 11.30am everyone swaps activity and we go again. Finished by 1pm.
(Please note this is an example and all bookings/ times will vary to suit both partys)

If you are looking to book a large event or just looking for some more info then please call us on 07421995910.