We have an opening date!!

We are so excited to announce that we will be opening back up on 24th August!!
Due to Covid-19, to ensure the well being of our staff and customers, we have implemented some new safety measures and regulations.
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*Please note this opening date may be amended if there is a change in government guidelines. In this event, if it interferes with your booking we will reschedule your game or provide you with a replacement gift voucher.


Clients can break items by throwing them against hard surfaces, throwing other items at them or smashing them with a tool such as a sledgehammer.

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rage room, also known as a smash room or anger room, is a room where people can vent their rage by destroying objects.

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Objects to destroy may include, Laptops, Phones, Glassware, TVs, Tableware, CD players, Computers, Printers plus much more. If it's 'smashable' it could be in your box.

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Scotland's First Rage room

Fancy Trashing a Room? Then here's your chance! Our Rage Room is the perfect place to de-stress. Bring your friends, partner or make it a work night. You're only allowed up to 6 people per session so CHOOSE YOUR TEAM WISELY.

Your booking is for 30 minutes, and includes various items for you to destroy. Additional items are available to purchase in house.

This is a supervised activity for over 16's only and a steward will be monitoring you at all times for safety purposes.

BRONZE package

30 minutes in the room

Up to 4 players (recommended 2 players)

Small basket of items including;

  • 15+ Small items
  • 2 Medium items


SILVER package

30 minutes in the room

Up to 6 players (recommended 4 players)

Medium basket of items including;

  • 22+ Small items
  • 3 Medium items
  • 1 Large item


GOLD package

30 minutes in the room

Up to 6 players (recommended 6 players)

Large basket of items including;

  • 30+Small items
  • 4 Medium items
  • 1 large item
  • 1 special item



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Select your destruction crew, choose your date, select a time, then pay via Paypal. It really is that simple.